Berlyn 65 is a woven textile shop in Brooklyn, specializing in Turkish cotton towels. As well as the Turkish towels there is an assortment of globally sourced textiles in cotton, silk, bamboo and linen, punctuated with leather accessories and handmade jewelry. The suggestions of faraway lands are captured by the painted floor’s oversized Ottoman pattern, citrus and lemon olive oil scenting the air and the marble wall fountain. Serap Bahadir, the German born owner, blended the city names of her two homes, and the 65 represents the Berlin district where she lived before the wall came down.

The Shopkeeper

German born of Turkish heritage, Serap Bahadir travelled the world as a stylist, working on movies and commercials. She always travelled with Turkish towels, and when she settled in Brooklyn she opened a specialty shop to showcase her beloved towels. Her first shop opened three years ago in a tiny space on Bedford Avenue, and recently moved into a larger space. A beach lover, Serap loves the versatility of the towels and uses them as scarves, wraps and dresses. Inspired by travel, she finds beauty and talented artisans everywhere she goes. Serap supports fair trade, and likes to develop enduring relationships with her vendors, offering a fair price to both her makers and customers. Serap leads a busy life. She continues to consult as a stylist, and loves everything about owning Berlyn 65, from the product she sells, to interacting with her customers and finding talented artisans around the world.

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