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  • James P. Poole
    James P. Poole
    a month ago

    Very friendly staff. Kidney beans, chickpeas, tandoori chicken and rice were all fresh. Samosas were excellent! Good value: flat rate dinner buffet for about $25. Lunch is a bargain for about $16. Street parking is free after 8:00pm. You MUST try the tea after finish eating! So good!

  • Ajay Kiri
    Ajay Kiri
    2 months ago

    New Dehli serves good, authentic Indian food. The menu rotates from day to day but is similar when going on the same day of the week. Tuesdays have a similar menu as do the other days of the week. Staff is constantly replenishing food and getting the buffet area clean. A couple added bonuses is that they include various chutneys and Indian chai as well as simple salad components. The restaurant is definitely worth taking checking out if you like Indian food.

  • Presto Amos
    Presto Amos
    4 months ago

    I can't say enough about this restaurant. I love it so much that I'm here twice a week. Great food, amazing staff, and fantastic chill venue. The buffet is well stocked and continuously monitored and maintained, and there is a bar for those looking to beverage with their meal. After a good helping or two of my favorites, I love relaxing and letting my food digest with the masala chai. If you haven't been here then you need to go immediately! Your tummy will thank you. Cost: Adult lunch buffet was about ~$16 and adult dinner buffet was about ~$21.

  • Vijval Vemula
    Vijval Vemula
    5 months ago

    The chicken was completely or atleast more than 50% not cooked properly and I think that they have added more amount of food color which is very vibrantly visible. And the chai is completely tasteless, I should say it is like hotwater. The only thing that came out to be useful in the entire cuisine is "ranch dressing" and the deserts like gulab jamun. I would suggest, Indians especially from south and Indians who are looking for authentic Indian food, must not visit this place. If asked on a scale of 10, I would give 1.5 . If you have to fill your tummy, with a low budget, then this is the best place, but this is irrespective of taste.

  • Vinay Sharma
    Vinay Sharma
    11 months ago

    An OK kind of Indian food restaurant in mid of Phillie downtown. Seems it was good in old days as it has all the necessary infrastructure as a good restaurant but feels kind of out dated now. Food taste was below average, deserts Keer and Gulab-Jamun was good; Staff friendliness was good; Ambiance is open but old and dull; Expecting guests to pay tip on self service buffet; Not value for money but if you want to eat indian only, u can try else give a skip. Chipotle might be better experience. I won’t try again; neither recommend 👎 On scale of 1 - 10 / 3.5

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